Fujiiso Ryokan

Hear slight splash from stream in Matsukawa Keikoku (Canyon), sniff scent from breeze for jiggling trees, listen to song of birds who tell transition of season to next season, Feel healing with “Onsen” (Hot spring) which has been welling up since more than 210 years ago. 

Fujiiso Ryokan is orthodox as well as traditional Japanese style Ryokan standing  still in countryside of mountainous area, which renowned writers and artists like Ogai Mori, Tekkan & Akiko Yosano, Kan Kikuchi, Yaichi Aizu, etc. have loved to stay.

Feel and stay here luxuriously with nothing else to do wallowing in the 72 climates of the year and dynamic as well as exquisite transition of Sinshu.

*Dear guests who are staying at Fujiiso from December to March*

We offer free shuttle services (1 service per day) between JR Nagano Station and Fujiiso for guests who are staying between December 1st to March 31st. Please let us know until the day before until 8 PM to request the shuttle service.
- From JR Nagano Station to Fujiiso
Shuttle departure will be at the following times:
JR Nagano Station 3 PM
Nagano Dentestu line Obuse Station 3:35 PM.
(Shuttle will be arriving at Fujiiso around 4 PM.)

- From Fujiiso to JR Nagano Station
Shuttle departure will be at 10:10 AM from Fujiiso.
This shuttle will also stop at Nagano Dentestu Line Susaka Station around 10:30 AM.
Arrival at JR Nagano Station will be around 11:10 AM.

For guests who are planning to go to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, We offer free shuttle services to Nagano Dentestu Susaka Station, departing at 8:30 AM from Fujiiso.
From Susaka Station, please transfer to the Snow Monkey Express Line and get off at the last stop Yudanaka Station. There will be a connecting bus from Yudanaka Station to Snow Monkey Park. It will approximately take 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Snow Monkey Park from Fujiiso. Please let us know until the day before until 8 PM to request the shuttle service.

*It is also possible to take the 10:10 AM bus from Fujiiso and get to Susaka Station, but it may take about 2-3 hours to get to the park, due to later train and bus connections.

All shuttle services are operated with other hotels as well. Please let us know immediately when cancelling.